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FIKA: A Swedish Cultural Institution

"The Spanish have siestas… the Swedes have fika!"

"Fika" can be tough to explain to non-Swedes—or those who haven’t actually experienced it. This article is the best explanation of this sacred Swedish cultural institution that we’ve come across so far… enlightening for those of you not familiar, and a great resource for those struggling to explain the concept to friends and family.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, be prepared… the American Swedish Institute is on a mission to bring FIKA culture to YOU!

A quick note on the word itself: The word “fika” is used as both a noun and a verb, and is pronounced “fee-kah.” It originates from a sort of “back slang” type of code that was used among certain groups of people in Sweden a couple hundred years ago, where syllables were flip-flopped: “ka-ffi” (an older form of kaffe, or coffee) thus became “fi-ka.”